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        我公司是:中國閥門協會會員,中國液氣密封協會會員,江蘇閥門協會理事單位,如果您對我們的產品服務有興趣,我們的聯系電話: 0512-63369882,傳真:0512-63340810。郵箱:wjysxm@126.com 熱誠歡迎各界朋友前來參觀、考察、洽談業務。




        石油、化工、制藥、機械、冶金、電站、核工業和造船等領域。我公司是中核蘇閥,蘇州紐威閥門,江蘇九龍,南通盛祥蘇州道森,浙江方正閥門 ,等大型閥門企業的合格供應商,常年為閥門企業配套供應密封產品。


        Wujiang Yongsheng Packing & Gasket Co.Ltd

        COMPANY PROFILEmpany

        Wujiang Yongsheng Packing & Gasket Co.Ltd, established in 1979 specially manufactures in various of seal packing & gaskets, As well as sealing according to user requirements. in office staff 40. There are more than 60 advanced special equipment for making seals, with its own testing laboratory, with a number of testing equipment for gaskets, packing compression rate, resilience rate, sealing leakage rate detection capabilities, as well as the performance of raw materials testing.
        Our company has engaged a senior engineer (professor) to act as a technical adviser and obtained ISO9002 certification by DNV issuing in 1997. 2003 the manufacture license of special equipment (pressure pipe component). If you are interested in our products and services, our telephone number: 86-512-63361868,86-512-63369882, Fax:86-512-63340810。We warmly welcome all friends to visit and negotiate business.

        Corporate fact sheet:

        Main product name and specification: Molded packing ring, Braided packing, Spiral wound gaskets, Non-metallic flat gaskets, Flexible graphite (enhanced) gasket, Metal adapter ring gaskets, PTFE gasket, As well as sealing according to user requirements.

        Main fields of practice:

        Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, metallurgy, power generation, Areas such as the nuclear industry and shipbuilding.

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